Jerry and Shelley Lawson Frog Bikes

Dennis has worked with us as our business coach for 18 months now and has been instrumental in helping us plan our growth more deliberately. As a young business, we were prone to jump at every opportunity, but Dennis has encouraged and enabled us to take a more strategic approach, and plan 3 years out.

He has also helped us plan and bring to fruition our first factory.  Rather than relying on third party assembly plants in Asia, Dennis has helped us – through his extensive network of contacts – to identify a site, recruit an excellent team and secure financial support.

Although Dennis generally works with the senior team in Frog Bikes, he has also facilitated useful sessions for the whole head office, and shared some of his specific marketing and sales skills with individuals where a need was identified.

We thoroughly enjoy working with Dennis as well – he delivers his advice and experience with great humour, sensitivity and integrity.