About Dennis Clarke

Dennis has a multi cultural business background through living and working extensively at Director level not only in the UK but also throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and the Far East up to Chief Executive/Managing Director level in Life Sciences, Fitness, and Leisure markets.

As a Blue Chip MD and now a leading Business Consultant for over 10 years, Dennis brings a powerful combination of strategic insight, practical experience, and interpersonal skills which have been a significant factor in developing strategies and opening new opportunities for a wide variety of clients in Domestic and Overseas markets

He avoids relying on ‘off the peg’ fixes, in favour of working with companies to help them set clear goals and develop strategies which understand and fit the challenges each individual client faces.

Dennis is an appointed associate to several organisations including Britain is Great, Welsh Government, and Winning Pitch plc


Specialist Expertise

  • Strategic Business Development
  • UK & International Marketing and Sales
  • Developing effective Business Models
  • Routes to global markets including
  •             Strategic partnerships, Licensing, Joint ventures and Franchising
  • Logistics, Regulations, non tariff Trade Barriers & Taxes
  • Manufacturing and sourcing solutions to achieve growth


He also designs and facilitates the successful Master Class Programme which support the GA/AGP programme in creating growth for SME’s, which includes:

  • Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Effective Leadership
  • More for Less
  • Accessing Growth Business Finance
  • Introduction to Digital marketing
  • Change Management